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Visit to a Lavender Farm

In our recent excursion to a farm, we decided to see one that grows lavender.  Located in southern California’s Valley Center, the Keys Creek Lavender Farm was a beautiful location with its many rows of this bluish-purple flower from the mint family.


Here’s a map that showcases the lavender farm’s layout.  There were many different fields of lavender, and there were also different types of lavender grown at the farm.


The farm had other flowers, too.  They helped make the place a picturesque destination.


Amongst the visitors were many painters.  They captured on canvas the beauty of the lavender farm.  Here’s one artist, for example, painting the view from the farm’s entryway.


The lavender farm has a mini refreshment stand where folks can try lavender lemonade and lavender cookies.  They were very tasty!  Here’s a view of the refreshment stand from the lavender field.


There was another painter who liked the view, too.  Here he is with his artistic rendition.


The lavender farm had a mini labyrinth in the shape of what looked like a medicine wheel.  Here’s a glimpse of it as we ran within it.


The Keys Creek Lavender Farm also has an on-site store where they market products made from lavender.  Items you can purchase include lip gloss, lotion, mist sprays, lavender potpourri sachets, and various medicinal salves.  They have an online store where you can place orders, too.  Meanwhile, here’s a photo from the farm’s on-site store at Valley Center.  We found the information they had on the 20 Uses of Lavender to be very helpful.


We had a wonderful time at the Keys Creek Lavender Farm.  It was great to learn that lavender can repel mosquitoes.  Having lavender in one’s garden therefore minimizes the mosquito population near your home.  Moreover, lavender is a drought-resistant plant, so your garden can still look pretty despite the dryness.  Finally, bees love lavender — so you can help bees thrive by placing lavender in your garden.






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