Summer Means Strawberry Season


Summertime calls for a visit to the strawberry fields.  This fruit’s bright red sweetness is a favorite in many recipes.  So, gather the family together for a trip to harvest some strawberries.


Did you know that ancient Roman literature mentioned the strawberry for its medicinal properties?  Strawberries aren’t just fully packed with flavor, they’ve got healthy goodness within them, too!


For many centuries strawberries grew wild.  Then in the medieval age, monks and some European monarchs began cultivating them in their respective gardens.  But the modern strawberry didn’t appear until the 1750s when it resulted from careful breeding by the French.  Today many strawberries are grown via plasticulture, which involves raised beds covered in black plastic.  California grows 80% of the USA’s strawberries.


Unlike other fruits, the strawberry’s seeds appear on its outside surface.


When picking strawberries, choose the bright red ones that are plump in size.  Let the green ones continue to grow until they are ripe.  Stay clear of the shriveled, damaged, or moldy ones.


As a general rule, only rinse the strawberries that you’re about to eat — that’s because exposure to moisture can speed up the ripening process.  But if you want to wash your strawberries off, then you’ll have to freeze them afterwards in the freezer for later use (make sure to cut off the stems before putting the berries in the freezer).  Strawberries can also be stored as jam preserves.

Meanwhile, here’s our video on how to make strawberry shortcakes:

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