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SeaWorld San Diego Christmas Celebration



What would SeaWorld look like around Christmas time?

SeaWorld San Diego Christmas Celebration is a wonderful blend of ocean and Yuletide themes.  We attended the event to experience how the Christmas holiday season is incorporated into SeaWorld San Diego attractions.


In the above photo you can see us reading our SeaWorld San Diego maps to help orient us.  We wanted to see some of the larger sea mammals first, for instance.


Here we are observing the SeaWorld San Diego orcas.  Can you see them, too?  They’re very beautiful!


We also got a chance to observe the playful SeaWorld San Diego dolphins.  They were very active.


On the way to the manta ray touch pool we caught sight of the SeaWorld San Diego Manta coaster ride.  It looks mighty fun.  We’re still too young to ride it, but we can’t wait until we meet the height requirements to get onboard in the future.


Here we are at the SeaWorld San Diego manta ray touch pools.  There were many bat rays swimming about.


It was wonderful having the opportunity to touch some bat rays at SeaWorld San Diego.  They were very docile and friendly.  If you want to learn more about skates and rays, visit the website of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) website to learn more about the current research taking place on these creatures.


Here’s another view of the SeaWorld San Diego Manta coaster ride.  Look at all those flamingos nearby as well!


On the way to the next SeaWorld San Diego attraction we couldn’t resist stopping by this plant.  It looks like a colossal aloe vera!


Here’s a view of the Skytower with Yuletide decorations and lights for the SeaWorld San Diego Christmas Celebration festivities.


It was exciting seeing all the sea lions at SeaWorld San Diego.  They alternated between dips in the pool and sunning themselves.


Then we headed to the SeaWorld San Diego Shark Encounter attraction.  We wondered what was in store for us there.


Before entering the threshold of Shark Encounter, visitors were greeted with a shipwreck scene festooned in Yuletide decorations as part of the SeaWorld San Diego Christmas Celebration.


And, within the Shark Encounter edifice we likewise found this beach snowman, another decorative example from SeaWorld San Diego Christmas Celebration.


With all the Yuletide decorations around for the SeaWorld San Diego Christmas Celebration, the sharks didn’t look so menacing.


Then we went through the Shark Encounter underwater viewing tunnel.  It was an immersive experience that helped us see the sharks in a unique way.


Those sharks were mesmerizing to observe from a safe distance!


Just before exiting Shark Encounter, we saw this exhibit of the prehistoric megalodon shark and his massive maw.  We certainly like it better with all the tinsel and trees for the SeaWorld San Diego Christmas Celebration.


Of course, we had to take another look at those behemoths at Shark Encounter.  It was magical observing them at SeaWorld San Diego.


Our next stop at SeaWorld San Diego was Turtle Reef.


It was beautiful seeing the turtles swimming effortlessly.


The underwater scene from the SeaWorld San Diego Turtle Reef aquarium was lovely.


And, if you are wondering what turtles were featured at SeaWorld San Diego’s Turtle Reef, here are some clues.


We next went to see the penguins at SeaWorld San Diego’s Penguin Encounter.  Here’s the sculpture that greets visitors who are about to  enter the attraction.


Here’s a look at some of those SeaWorld San Diego penguins.


And, inside Penguin Encounter, we found this eye-catching Yuletide scene as part of the SeaWorld San Diego Christmas Celebration.


Then we went on to see the other attractions at the Polar Encounter experience.  Here’s an imaginative take on how Yuletide is enjoyed in the Arctic, as envisioned by the SeaWorld San Diego Christmas Celebration.


And, here’s how the Arctic region looks like.


We saw this SeaWorld walrus floating serenely.


And, the SeaWorld San Diego beluga whales were a wonder!


Here we are at the Polar Encounter gift shop.  We loved all the Yuletide-themed merchandise as part of the SeaWorld San Diego Christmas Celebration.  Can you imagine bringing home that polar bear?


By the time we completed our Polar Encounter adventures, the sun was in the midst of setting.  Here we are catching a glimpse of the splashes made at the Journey to Atlantis ride.  We certainly are looking forward to growing taller so we can meet the height requirements for the ride.


We took a milk break, literally.  Plus, we thought it a blast to see this sculpture lit up as part of the SeaWorld San Diego Christmas Celebration.


What else is there left for us to see at SeaWorld San Diego?


And, in the gloaming, Yuletide’s lights burst forth, reminding us of the season’s spirit during the SeaWorld San Diego Christmas Celebration.


We found reindeer at the SeaWorld San Diego Christmas Celebration.


Here we are on Santa’s sleigh at the SeaWorld San Diego Christmas Celebration.  Notice the Yuletide  manta ray and dolphin sculptures nearby.


We thought this scene captured it all with the SeaWorld San Diego Skytower and the Santa’s Christmas Village sign.  We even have our Angry Birds plush toys with Santa hats as prizes for the evening.


Here’s a peek into Santa’s Village at the SeaWorld San Diego Christmas Celebration.


Then it was time to head home after a fun-filled day, at the SeaWorld San Diego Christmas Celebration.  Wow!  The adventure started in the morning and lasted until dark.


And, here’s that final look behind us at the Skytower as we said farewell to the awesome SeaWorld San Diego Christmas Celebration.





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