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Mesmerized by a Mirror Maze

Mirrors are cool because they can be used to make optical illusions, like those found in a mirror maze.  A mirror maze essentially confuses and befuddles because of the wide array of mirrors within it.


You’ll be surrounded by reflections that seem to extend endlessly.  There’ll be unexpected turns.  You might even find yourself circling back despite repeated attempts to navigate towards the exit.


Mirror mazes sometimes utilize light and sound effects to increase the challenge.  Some hand out kaleidoscope glasses to intensify the dizzying, yet dazzling, experience.  Then, after you’ve at last exited the mirror maze, you’ll be sure to want a repeat of the adventure just to see if you can set a new record in solving its mystery.


Meanwhile, here’s a video of our first visit to a mirror maze.  This one was at the Monterey Mirror Maze in Monterey, California:

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