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Go Dino! — Dinosaur Decor for Kids Play Space

We love dinosaurs.  We enjoy learning about them.  Dinosaurs pop up in our imagination often.  So, we thought it would be a wonderful idea to have dinosaur decor motifs included in our play space.  Here are some examples to inspire you on your kids decor projects.

Jurassic Garden I Learning By Kids I
Jurassic Garden.

How about a Dino Research Station for a kids play space?  This dinosaur decor idea can certainly spark the imagination.  Plus, it is a great way to cultivate role-playing games.

Dino Research Station I Learning By Kids I
Dino Research Station.

We can enhance the dinosaur decor motifs with dinosaur woodcuts as details on the windows.    Illustrations of pterodactyls, triceratops, and other dino species favorites would help embellish the atmosphere.

Triceratops Window Details I Learning By Kids I
Triceratops Window Details.

Immerse everyone in a Jurassic mindset by having dinosaur decor that include footprints and dino tracks.  Maybe a dinosaur treasure hunt can be organized to follow those tracks!

Dinosaur Tracks I Learning By Kids I
Dinosaur Tracks.

Another idea for dinosaur decor is to have some toys, or even sculptures, around to bring the Jurassic period to life.

Brontosaurus sculpture in sandbox I Learning By Kids I
Brontosaurus sculpture in sandbox.

Within the dinosaur research station one can likewise have a number of dinosaur toys — whether plastic or plush.  After all, a dinosaur research station for a kids play space needs to have as many dinosaurs to “study.”

Another view of the Dino Research Station I Learning By Kids I
Another view of the Dino Research Station.

Kids always love dinosaur toys.  Having dinosaur toys within the Dino Research Station only seems natural.  Besides, children can create make-believe “dinosaur field guides” that feature these dinosaur toys.

Triceratops family I Learning By Kids I
Triceratops family.

If you want more ideas for dinosaur toys, turn to our previous article “Jurassic World Toys.”  And, also view our accompanying YouTube video on “Jurassic World Toys” at the link provided.

Pteranodon Window Detail I Learning By Kids I
Pteranodon Window Detail.

We hope you have enjoyed our blog post on dinosaur decor ideas for a kids play space.  Be sure to have a “Dino Might” (dynamite) time applying them to your kids play space as well.


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