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Alta Vista Botanical Gardens Family Fun


Ever heard of the Alta Vista Botanical Gardens? Here are some highlights.



The Alta Vista Botanical Gardens can be found in Vista, California.  The place is visited by many families because of the wide variety of art and landscaping ideas that can be found there.


One of the first things that we saw there was the garden’s Human Sundial.  It was a treat learning how to operate it using our shadows.  If you want to learn more about human sundials, try this interactive lesson from Scholastic.


There were several sculptures featured at the Alta Vista Botanical Gardens.  One of our favorites was this Turtle Family Sculpture.


Numerous plants can be found at the Alta Vista Botanical Gardens.  In particular, we were fascinated by this cotton plant.  It was the first time for us to see where cotton comes from.


One of the delights of the Alta Vista Botanical Gardens is that it has a Music Garden within.  Kids of all ages can play the instruments that are on display there.


These are music gourds found pendant at the Alta Vista Botanical Gardens’ Music Garden for Children.  They add a picturesque touch to the landscape.


The Alta Vista Botanical Music Garden’s amadinda is a type of xylophone.  It is a percussion instrument that can be played by two or three players.

AltaVistaGardensAmadinda - LearningByKids

And, check out this Banjo Bench.  We think it is a great architectural feature included at the Alta Vista Botanical Music Garden.

Alta Vista Gardens Banjo Bench from LearningByKids

After experimenting with all the sounds we could make at the Music Garden, we went back to exploring the rest of the Alta Vista Botanical Gardens.  We loved seeing this Butterfly Teepee.

Alta Vista Gardens Butterfly Teepee from LearningByKids

Another favorite of ours at the Alta Vista Botanical Gardens were these Rapa Nui-like moai, which are figureheads reminiscent of Easter Island.  Encountering them amongst the various trail paths certainly made us feel like explorers on an expedition.

Alta Vista Gardens Statues from LearningByKids

Finally, we found the Alta Vista Botanical Garden Medicine Wheel.  Did you know that the Medicine Wheel in native lore represents harmony, connectedness, and completeness?


We had a lovely time making new discoveries at the Alta Vista Botanical Gardens.  We hope you’ll make the time to visit the place, or at least be inspired to find a destination similar to it near you.



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