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A Visit to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum

The President of the United States holds a significant leadership position, so we wanted to find out more about this executive role by visiting the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in southern California.  There are several Presidential Libraries and Museums in the US — each of them provides access to historical materials about the US Presidents that they commemorate.


At the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum we learned some fascinating facts about America’s 37th President.  For instance, he graduated third in his law school class at Duke University’s School of Law.  He also joined the US Navy back in 1942 and served active duty in World War II.  His term of office as US President was from January 20, 1969 – August 9, 1974.  And, he was an accomplished musician who played both the violin and the piano very well!


Richard Nixon was US President during the historic first landing on the Moon, which took place on July 20th, 1969.  There’s a display case at the Nixon Museum that reminds us of this pivotal moment in history.


President Nixon was born in a Yorba Linda farmhouse back in 1913.  The Presidential Library and Museum is actually located within the grounds of the Nixon family’s former citrus farm.  When you visit the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum you even get the opportunity to go inside his childhood home, for it is also located within the grounds of the Presidential Library and Museum to help preserve his birthplace.


Folks can tour the interior of President Nixon’s childhood home.  Here we are waiting for our turn to enter the farmhouse.  On the left, towards the background, you can see a wing of the Presidential Library and Museum.


Another cool fact we learned about President Nixon was that he formulated a Federal Native American policy that helped encourage tribal self-determination.


President Nixon likewise established the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) back in 1970.  Plus, he appointed four justices to the US Supreme Court, two of which would hold the position of Chief Justice: Warren Burger and William Rehnquist.


There’s a lovely man-made pond at the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum.  It is surrounded by beautiful gardens.  Parties, events, and receptions can be held there.


Interestingly enough, the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum was opened in 1990.  Many researchers visit the place to study the papers, documents, and historical artifacts housed there.


The Nixon Presidential Library and Museum also has a replica of the White House East Room, known as the “Grand American Ballroom.”  It, too, can be reserved as a venue for parties, receptions, and balls.  Here we are dancing in the Nixon Library’s ballroom under the chandeliers.


We took a photo of this desk because of the interesting anecdotes associated with it.  Located at the foyer of the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum (near the entrance to the gift shop), this desk is a replica of the Resolute Desk.  The Resolute Desk has been used by many US Presidents as the official desk in the Oval Office.  However, President Nixon — as well as his Vice President then successor, President Gerald Ford — both preferred using the Wilson Desk instead.  Still, the Resolute Desk has featured prominently in many American Presidential moments, so its replica is included at the Nixon Library and Museum.


We enjoyed our visit to the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum and thereby highly recommend it as a place to tour.  We learned a lot about our 37th US President and the many lessons he imparted to us as a nation.


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